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700 m

D- = Downhill

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3,8 km

Trail distance

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In a word

Made by bikers
for bikers

Enduro trails thought & built by bikers for bikers. This is the concept MTB Trailcenter SPA. We offer you a compendium of fun, fluid and technical trails aimed either for beginners nor experienced riders.

Not less than 7 trails await you in the amazing region of SPA. Clear & understandable markings are placed in order to provide harmony, safety & flow either for riders or walkers or family

A bike shop located at the bottom of the trailcenter allows you to deal with mechanical breakdowns. In addition, the proximity of the city center allows you to enjoy a varied after ride both to rehydrate and to taste the local specialties if you’re hungry

Discover our
7 spéciales

Other points of interest

SP1 "The Lolo"
Niveau : Intermediate
900m Overall length
95m Negative elevation gain
10% Average slope
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SP2 "Tom & Jerry"
Niveau : Intermediate
500m Overall length
90m Negative elevation gain
18% Average slope
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SP3 "La Déchainée"
Niveau : Hard
400m Overall length
85m Negative elevation gain
21% Average slope
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SP4 "La Poudingue"
Niveau : Very hard
500m Overall length
95m Negative elevation gain
19% Average slope
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SP5 "La B52"
Niveau : Hard
500m Overall length
100m Negative elevation gain
20% Average slope
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SP6 "L'Ardennes Rocks"
Niveau : Very hard
500m Overall length
100m Negative elevation gain
20% Average slope
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SP7 "The Duchess"
Niveau : Hard
500m Overall length
110m Negative elevation gain
22% Average slope
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Ardennesbike Shop
Le meilleur choix en vélos, accessoires et textiles sur 250m² !
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Logo MTB Trails Spa
SP1 « La Lolo »
SP2 "The Tom & Jerry
SP3 "The Unchained".
SP4 "La Poudingue
SP5 " The B52 "
SP6 " The Ardennes Rocks ".
SP7 " The Duchess ".
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Tourist office
Coffee shop
Ardennes Bike shop



  • Signal your presence before any overtaking
  • The rider in front or downstream always has priority over the one behind or upstream
  • Do not park on the course, pull off the course or use the authorised stopping areas provided for this purpose

Follow the signs
and markup

  • Don't leave the marked routes
  • Don't skid anywhere
  • Do not cut off corners


  • Respect nature and the environment
  • Do not leave any waste after your visit

save !

  • During the first descent on a trail, adapt your speed to assimilate the route and identify the various technical passages
  • Identify each technical passage on foot before cycling through it
  • Adapt your speed to your level at each obstacle or technical passage
  • Do not attempt rash tricks
  • Moderate your pace according to the traffic and the visibility of the terrain

your safety first

  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory on the trails of the MTB Trails Spa
  • Wearing knee pads, elbow pads, long gloves and back protection is strongly recommended
  • A bike in good working order and suitable for the discipline is recommended

Call for assistance
5 good reflexes in case of an accident

  • Secure the area and alert other riders coming from the top of the trail
  • In case of a serious accident, take information about the injured person and avoid moving him (shout for help if needed)
  • Locate the place of the accident (name of the track, the route, characteristic elements)
  • Call 112 from your mobile phone & provide (who, where, what)
  • Stay with the injured person until help arrives (keep him warm & conscious, stop massive bleeding, never move him in case of suspicion of spinal trauma)