Terms of use

Some rules to respect

  • The forest and the trails are prohibited for motorized vehicles (motorcycles, quads, etc.)
  • The trailcenter had been designed and built with the idea of harmonizing the cohabitation between riders & walkers
  • Always control your speed and your bike in order to be able to slow down in front of an unpredictable obstacle (pedestrian, fallen biker, fallen tree,…)
  • Children under 12 years old must be supervised by an adult
  • Remain exclusively on the official trails
  • The helmet is mandatory and personal protective equipment is strongly recommended
  • A mountain bike in perfect working order is essential
  • Control your speed at all times
  • At the start (bottom) of the trailcenter, a panel provides you the level of difficulty of all tracks. Ride according to your abilities and physical condition.
  • Respect others, always give priority to the person in front of you and respectfully inform them of your presence (bike bell, vocal warning,…)
  • Respect the trails, avoid unnecessary braking, do not cut off corners, and follow the indications
  • Keep your trash with you. Never throw them in the forest
  • Avoid excessive & inappropriate noise
  • Do not modify the trail! Any suggestion is welcome to improve the trailcenter, shapers are willings for new ideas (whenever possible). Find the contacts here below.
  • You ride the trailcenter at your own risk. The owner and the association endurando.be decline all responsibility in the event of an accident
  • In case of accident, call 112

For any questions/suggestion

Commercial pictures, video recordings & any professional/lucrative use of the trailcenter must be subject of a specific authorization.